Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mishka Shubaly (#1): Lonesome Highway.

Mishka Shubaly singing songs of heartbreaks & hangovers last night at the Capsule Gallery in Denver. Celebrating the release of his new CD, How To Make A Bad Situation Worse.

Mostly, a group of friends turned out to enjoy, once again, Shubaly's incisive lyricism and witty, onstage banter. Making sure, like good patrons, that Mishka acquires enough gas money to get to the next city, where he deserves to be heard. Does that make me an enabler? I hope to God so.

I like how the open space in the photo matches the music's lonesome mood. Mishka Shubaly: emotionally vulnerable -- and rangy enough to pop you a good, hard right for pointing it out.

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