Sunday, October 7, 2007

Allen Ginsberg (#2): Poetic Portrait.

The late poet Allen Ginsberg sitting for a photo. Boulder, Colorado. 1991. Hard to believe he's been dead for a decade, now. Boulder doesn't seem quite the same to me anymore without his annual summer readings there.

I spent the weekend watching the extras included on the two-DVD set of Jerry Aronson's documentary on the writer, The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg. I was mightily impressed by how Ginsberg approached his own imminent death, phoning his best friends, finding joy in the midst of the inevitable.

Here are excerpts from an interview I conducted with Ginsberg.

Om, poet. Om.

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Shannon Dickey said...

Hey Greg, was this July 4th,1991? Is this when I ran into you at Naropa? Fond memories of that day. Hope you are well.