Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Victor Moscoso: Psychedelic Visual Lion.

Psychedelic poster artist Victor Moscoso in front of his imagery. Denver. 1992.

Moscoso's work is currently on display as part of the Denver Art Museum's special exhibit The Psychedelic Experience. The exhibition notes how Moscoso studied art under Bauhaus master Josef Albers -- and intentionally turned what he learned from Albers about proper color theory on its head, creating visuals that vibrantly shimmer. Moscoso was also probably the craftiest of the San Francisco poster artists: designing show advertisements for free for rock clubs, so long as he could keep the rights to the images. Other artists who worked for promoters Chet Helms and Bill Graham signed away their copyrights, perhaps not realizing that there was more lucre to be made in the longterm from the sales of the posters than there were proceeds from the concerts themselves.

Although not as discernible as I'd like it to be, I tried to line up the embroidered "Victor" on Moscoso's jacket breast so that it could be read next to the "Moscoso" on his poster.

Reprinted in decidedly unpyschedelic sepia. However, Moscoso's colorful jovialty comes through.

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