Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jules Siegel (#2): ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Jules!

He’s written about Bob Dylan for the Saturday Evening Post in 1966.

He’s written about Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys in 1967, during the making of what some call that era’s unreleased musical masterwork, SMiLE.

He’s been published in Best American Short Stories.

He’s co-authored a book about his ex-wife’s affair with the famously-reclusive novelist Thomas Pynchon.

He’s a practitioner of book art, which has led to a couple of his works residing in the Museum of Modern Art.

He’s co-written a guidebook with family members about Cancun, Mexico—where he’s lived as an expatriate for over two decades.

He manages a listserv for journalists, Newsroom-L, on which he can be a fierce and cantankerous debater and moderator.

He’s also seen to it that I’ve been comped for lunch in one of Cancun’s finest restaurants, La Habichuela, for which he designed the menus. That’s where we exchanged talk about freelance writing and Mexico travels. And it’s where this photo beneath the palm (its shadow cast onto his face) was taken in 2003.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the multi-faceted -- and insightful dining companion of mine -- Jules Siegel.

Happy Birthday, Jules!

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