Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Purple Fluid (#1): Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kulwicki.

Here's what I remember about the Fluid: high energy, raw power, long hair, great presence, great drive. They were the band that served the image of Denver well on the Sub Pop roster -- the first non-Seattle band signed to the label.

The Fluid's drummer Garrett Shavlik

Regrettably, I never got to see any of the Fluid's reunion shows, which took place about a couple years ago, but I did get to see 'em a few times back in the day, back in the mid to late '80s. (And I also didn't get to see them a time or two when the fire department, for instance, would shut down a show before it began or midway into it.) Heck, I even opened up on a bill for them with my compadre Kirk Gill, both of us playing electric guitars, no drums, no bass, when I helped organize a couple of their appearances on the Auraria Campus at a club called the Mission.

I didn't know guitarist Rick Kulwicki, personally. But his recent death at age 49 felt like a chapter closing. He not only left behind great rock 'n' roll memories, he left behind two teenagers, who are carrying on his legacy: singer Richard and rhythm guitarist Roman of the band Purple Fluid.

Purple Fluid

The Kulwickis performed this past weekend with Purple Fluid at a benefit intended for them. They did a stand-up job of displaying their sonic lineage. Enhancing the event (and adding a heaping helping of Fluid to Purple Fluid), they were joined onstage for their set by two of their late dad's band mates: namely, drummer Garrett Shavlik and vocalist John Robinson.

John Robinson joins Purple Fluid onstage.

Missed the Kulwicki benefit shows? It's not too late to contribute here.

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