Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ken Babbs (#1): The Psychedelic Captain.

Recently, I wrote an article on the Merry Prankster and author Ken Babbs, someone I'd long been interested in meeting again after encountering him once in Boulder in the early ‘90s. Luckily, Babbs just released a novel loosely-based on his time as a marine helicopter pilot in Vietnam at the start of that war – Who Shot the Water Buffalo? -- which allowed me to secure an assignment from Kush Magazine (scroll to page 108).

Babbs was there in '64 on the festively-painted bus Further with fellow writer Ken Kesey and crew: a journey spotlighted in Tom Wolfe’s novel The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test and a new documentary film Magic Trip. The first public Acid Test was held at his place, as well. 

Here’s the psychedelic captain in July 2011 at his spread near Eugene, Oregon, flying both his American flag and his, so to speak, “Freak” flag.

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