Friday, November 18, 2011

Das Racist (#1): Vas Ist Das Racist?

Kush Magazine published my article on rap act Das Racist, who I describe as thus:

A mixture of humor and bluster. Bark and snark. Singing about White Demons and White Castle hamburgers. Cartoonish. Playing with sedition in the classic, American tradition, like a Charlie Chaplin or Abbie Hoffman. A self-referential, all-brown, Cheech and Chong meets the Three Stooges meets the Beastie Boys.

Here are some of my photos of the group at Casselman’s on 11/19/10. A sloppy, fun show.

 Victor Vazquez

 Himanshu Suri

 Himanshu Suri & Ashok Kondabolu

 Himanshu Suri & Victor Vazquez

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