Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wayne Kramer (#3): Wayne Raging On Guitar.

UPDATE: The photo above of Wayne Kramer was recently included within the book Feeding Back: Conversations With Alternative Guitarists by David Todd. It’s a book of interviews, which are as much about several, unique musicians’ takes on life as it is about their relationship with their instrument. For instance:
David Todd: Are you still a work in progress?
Wayne Kramer: Well, yeah. I haven’t pulled over and parked. I guess we’re coming back around to this idea of ambition, and I actually feel like I’m just getting started, you know…That’s why I’m grateful that I’m alive, I’m enthusiastic about every day. I know that my time is finite, but it’s enough time. It’s exactly enough time if you’re using it as best you can.
It’s time to express my gratitude. I was tickled pink – or, perhaps, red, white and blue (like Wayne’s axe) – that the Kramer organization directed Todd towards my photo, and suggested it be used as the one representative shot of the guitar-slinger that would be included in the book at the start of the interview.

Wayne Kramer makes ready to perform a most incendiary version of "Kick Out The Jams" with Rage Against the Machine, across town from the Democratic National Convention. Denver Coliseum. August 27, 2008.

Here's my Huffington Post interview with Kramer that took place prior to the event. Kramer relates his experience with the MC5 at the violence-soaked '68 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

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