Thursday, July 11, 2013

Little Fyodor and Babushka (#5): The Whole World's Got Him In Its Hands.

Little Fyodor being group-groped by his band mates, including Babushka (far right).

On 7/13/13, a show is being held at Denver's Walnut Room in celebration of a new(ish) tribute CD to singer-songwriter Little Fyodor called The Unscratchable Itch. Quite an honor, given that you usually get a tribute CD (if at all!) only when you're dead or near-death. In addition to Fyodor cover songs by Ralph GeanBoyd Rice, and the Voodoo Organist, the CD includes one by the author of this blog, in addition to another by the side project that this author co-produces, Reverend Lead Pipe and the Evil Do'ers (my vocals on both cuts).

Twenty-one plus years ago I acquired Little Fyodor's cassette Beneath the Uber-Putz, a selection of original, punk-inspired songs that still bring me joy, thanks to the dark, witty vision of the songs' angst-ridden creator. It's an honor to have participated in the recording of "Small Talk" (from side "Uber" of the cassette) and "You Will Die" (from side "Putz") for the tribute CD. And I will be joyfully informing Little Fyodor of this on Saturday, after I perform onstage and before he does, when I request that he sign the sleeve of my precious cassette. (Check for it on sale on eBay on Monday!)

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