Saturday, September 19, 2015

Riot Fest (Year #1): Byers Beware.

A selection of photos from the first year of Denver Riot Fest (2013), held in Byers, Colorado.

Iggy with Mike Watt.

Iggy with the crowd he invited onstage.

 James Williamson pumping out muscular riffs.

Now he's ready to close his eyes.

Dust gets a boot kick.

 Rocket from the Crypt.

Flag playing its abbreviated set--cut short by a tornado warning!

Sirens going off.

 Stephen Eggerton (guitar), Keith Morris (vocals), Chuck Dukowski (bass), 
Bill Stevenson (drums), Dez Cadena (guitar).

Ferris Wheel from below.

Public Enemy as seen from atop the Ferris Wheel.

 Jeff Pezzati of Naked Raygun.

Naked Raygun.

Ye olde crowd surfing activities.

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