Saturday, September 22, 2007

Harry Lyrico: His Shoes Are His Canvas.

Cartoonist Harry Lyrico hoofing his artwork outside of a Denver gallery: skull-painted shoes.

He seemed surprised that I knew who he was; but, years ago, we both attended parties thrown by mutual acquaintances.

I, also, recall that Lyrico used to draw a superbly surreal cartoon strip for a local arts publication called ICON.

A-OK, Lyrico.

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sabrina58 said...

I am an old friend of Harry's and I have been looking for him for YEARS. Can you please, please, please try to reach him for me? I google him every so often and finally found your blog. This is the only thing I've found that indicates he's still alive.

I lived in Denver back in the 80s and did art reviews for various papers and mags. I assure you Harry would remember me. I realize from your blog you aren't probably in touch with him regularly but I would be very grateful if you would try your best to get this message to him: Lori Lively is trying to reach you. She lives in Olympia WA and her no. is 360/878-8371. She can also be reached at

thank you Gregory. Nice site, btw.