Tuesday, June 2, 2009

John Holmstrom: From Road To Ruin To High Times.

John Holmstrom, the co-founder of Punk Magazine and former publisher of High Times, at the High Times offices in the mid-'90s. Looking like the bean-counting businessman that he was back then.

Holmstrom is more widely regarded as an artist, however. I want to say that his visuals first entered my consciousness on the early Ramones album sleeves (like the cover of Road to Ruin). But I've come to find out that Holmstrom used to illustrate for the scholastic kid's magazine Bananas, so my unwitting introduction to his graphic style probably occurred in the 6th grade.

Holmstrom also gave me my first assignment for High Times in 1990: interviewing Colorado libertarian political candidate and founder of the No More Drug War Foundation, Robin Heid.

Currently, Holmstrom is back publishing Punk -- and wearing black t-shirts.

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