Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ralph Steadman (#4): In Steadman's Hands.

Gonzo artist Ralph Steadman beside his renderings of writers Dr. Hunter S. Thompson and T.S. Eliot. Photo taken in Denver at Bill Havu's 1/1 Gallery in 1995 as I was writing a profile on Steadman for Juxtapoz magazine.

Besides the Juxtapoz article (starting on pg. 56 at the link), I've interviewed Steadman for Salon.com (a piece translated and reprinted by a magazine for educators and librarians in Spain), BeeR, the Denver city magazine 5280 (quoting Mayor John Hickenlooper, among others, about Steadman), and High Times. He's probably sick of speaking with me at this point, but I've always enjoyed our one-on-ones.

Steadman does briefly cite me in his book about Thompson, The Joke's Over -- describing me a "studious fan" and neglecting to mention that I'd ever written a word about him. (After he'd previously listed my Juxtapoz article on his curriculum vitae!) Alas, a "studious fan" of Steadman's I shall remain!

(My other photos of Steadman.)

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