Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sin Desires Marie (#1): Desiring a Reunion of Sin Desires Marie.

Sin Desires Marie (2004)

A couple weeks ago I was visiting Portland, Oregon. At a New Seasons grocery store, I coincidentally spied a familiar face from good, old Denver: Germaine Baca-Has, who has played drums in several bands, both there and here. The one I'm most familiar with, though, also happens to be one of my local, Denver faves from days gone by: Sin Desires Marie. Their sound was both intelligent and explosive--and it had a good beat, you could dance to it. Here are a few photos from a reunion show they put on in 2004 at the now-defunct venue The Climax Lounge. (Nothing lasts forever, does it?)

Germaine Baca-Has

Claudine Rousseau

Yoon Park

Germaine told me that she had instigated another Sin Desires Marie reformation the last time she moved back to Denver -- but then before the good news could even reach me, she had returned to Portland, dashing my chances to see the band once again, and, as she herself put it, "breaking hearts" in the process. Now Germaine's back in Denver, and hopefully she's making good on her promise to rejoin with guitarist Claudine Rousseau and bassist Yoon Park.

Gregory desires another Sin Desires Marie reunion.

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