Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cypress Hill (#1): Hits From The Cypress Hill.

The reefer-fueled rap act Cypress Hill -- that hip hoppin' posse best known for their songs "I Wanna Get High," "Insane in the Brain," and "Hits from the Bong" -- will be appearing this Saturday at the Colorado Cannabis Convention.

I saw them live once: In 1999, while attending High Times magazine's 25th Anniversary Party. I seem to recall being listed on that publication's masthead back then as a "Contributing Writer."

Here's a shot of front man B-Real, lo those eleven years -- and many, many blunts -- ago:

And just in case you were ever wondering what an ice sculpture shaped like a cannabis leaf looks like, here's a photo of the one at the party:

I wonder whether they'll have one of those at the Colorado Cannabis Convention -- in addition to Cypress Hill.

Party on, gentlemen. I just might be joining you.

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