Friday, October 12, 2012

Ralph Gean (#22): Ready To Play At Seventy.

Today is rock 'n' roll original Ralph Gean's seventieth birthday. I'm sure if he has guitar in hand, and someone in front of him, he'll naturally be playing his own songs or cover tunes, and serving as the entertainment tonight at his own celebration.

Never have I witnessed a performer reach so many different types of audiences: whether it be white hipster dive-bar patrons as he plays his original songs like "Homicidal Me," or latinos gamely listening to him butcher the lyrics to "La Bamba" at a blue-collar bar, or old folks at a retirement home as he breaks out a hip-shaking, risque Elvis standard. Ralph has been enjoyed at peckerwood car lots, local talent shows, and Satanist wedding receptions. He has the gift of reaching all manner of people through his muse.

I'm delighted to add that Ralph sometimes entertains people by playing a cover version of my song "Kill for a Cigarette," which Ralph released on one of his own CDs, in addition to having tickled the keys on my very own, original Gregory Ego sound recording. (See YouTube video below.)

Here's hoping Ralph remains ready, willing, and able to rock and roll all night for years to come.

Happy Birthday to you, Ralph Gean!

Ralph opening for John Doe at the Lion's Lair in Denver on May 27, 2011.

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