Friday, December 7, 2012

Steve Bloom (#2): Reefer Flicks.

"Henry Hemp" interviewing Steve Bloom (right) about his book Reefer Movie Madness: The Ultimate Stoner Film Guide. Bloom, who runs the CelebStoner web site, edited articles of mine for High Times magazine, and gave me assignments to conduct feature interviews with authors Tom Robbins and T.C. Boyle.

For Reefer Movie Madness, I contributed a couple of movie reviews: Withnail and I ("Bruce Robinson's film deservedly has as devoted a cult audience in England as The Big Lebowski does in the U.S.") and Oliver Stone's Salvador ("There, Boyle and Rock encounter death squad victims at a mass dumping ground, right-wing paramilitaries, Marxist guerillas, and Reagan-administration interventionists who purposely overlook human rights violations by the El Salvadoran power elites...").

If I were being interviewed for a documentary right now, I'd say, "May there be less Reefer Madness, and more Reefer Movie Madness, in the days ahead."

Cut! That's a wrap!

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